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Water can have a huge impact on the value of a home. Water damage to a home or business can cause high maintenance costs, decrease its value and lead to reduced productivity. In some cases, water damage can even cause poor indoor air quality in their building or home. Here are some ways to prevent water intrusion.
Doors and windows: Check for leaks around doors and windows.

Roof: Water can quickly enter a building through poorly installed drainage systems and leaky roofs. Vent openings for plumbing, air conditioning, or other equipment can also cause leaks.

Exterior walls and foundation: Remove any gaps and cracks on the outside of buildings by sealing any openings in the foundation, walls, or floor. These cracks can form as the result of soil that shifts and your home settling.

Plumbing system: Look for defective water drainage systems, dripping pipes, malfunctioning equipment, and clogged drains. Additionally, look for leaking plumbing fixtures and broken pipes.

HVAC system: Many different types of equipment are necessary for maintaining a healthy and comfortable environment in a home. These tools include condensation drains and chilled water pipes, which help to reduce moisture. The heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning system has other functions besides circulating air. These include maintaining proper atmospheric moisture content throughout the building— which isn’t possible if the system isn’t functioning properly.
Through proper maintenance and a home inspection, you can discover these issues before they cause serious damage and cause future expensive repairs.

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