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Keep Your Bathroom Mold-Free!

Mold is a very serious problem here in Florida. Mold can cause serious health problems, even leading to death. One of the most common places where mold grows in an average home is the bathroom, due to the high moisture content typically found there. Moisture can...

Is Your Smart Home Secure?

Nowadays, it seems like there’s a smart home device for anything and everything that you could possibly do in your home. Depending on how you set things up, you can play the same song in every room of your house at the same time. Your refrigerator can detect...

Should You Plant Some Trees?

Many homeowners choose to have plenty of trees on their property. Some of these trees can seem to be unusually close to their home. Believe it or not, this choice is not always just for curb appeal. Having trees near your home can play a significant part in the...

Where’s That Water Coming From??

If you’ve ever had to deal with water damage in your home, you know that it can be an unpleasant experience, to say the least. You know that the brown spot on your ceiling, or the dripping water you put a bucket under is not always the source of the problem....

Low Emissivity Window Designs

Many newer homes in Florida come equipped with Low Emissivity (or “Low-E”) windows. As you can guess from the name, these types of windows are specially designed to reduce the amount of energy emitted through them. Low-E windows typically have one or more...

Pesticides at Home

If you’ve ever lived anywhere near an orange grove or strawberry field here in Florida, you’re likely no stranger to pesticides. And it’s no surprise that the agricultural industry uses a lot of pesticides, and while their negative impact has...
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