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Touchless Fixtures – A Good Investment

What are touchless fixtures? You’ve probably seen them a million times in public restrooms – faucets, toilets, or paper towel, soap, or hand sanitizer dispensers that are all controlled by motion sensors. Whether you own a business or a house, touchless...

Protecting Yourself From Poison Ivy/Oak/Sumac

With the increase of time spent at home in recent months, many people have been more interested in getting outside – even if that means just doing some work in the backyard or garden. Hopefully, you haven’t had any negative experiences with poison ivy,...

Potential Costs of Working From Home

Hopefully, you’ve been able to keep your job during this pandemic and have been working from home. This is a good thing! However, there are a few hidden costs associated with working from home that may be important to keep in mind. For example, as dining room...

Before You Go to the Store…

Not long ago, it was a relatively simple thing to hop in your car, drive over to the store, pick up a few things you need, and bring them home. Unfortunately, this pandemic has made this “relatively simple thing” a bit more complicated. But before you go...

Protecting Your Home From Viruses

As we all work hard at staying home, there are certain precautions we’re becoming used to taking before we go into the outside world for necessary business. Social distancing, face masks, and things like these help us avoid the coronavirus that causes COVID-19....

Shelter in Productivity!

Quarantine, shelter-in-place, staying home… Whatever you want to call it, we’re all spending more time at our homes than we may ever have before. What can you do to spend that time wisely? Here are some ideas. Practice emergency preparedness. Granted,...
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