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Quarantine, shelter-in-place, staying home… Whatever you want to call it, we’re all spending more time at our homes than we may ever have before. What can you do to spend that time wisely? Here are some ideas.

  1. Practice emergency preparedness. Granted, this COVID-19 situation is already an emergency. But just because this is happening doesn’t mean there isn’t potential for another emergency. Do you have a prepared evacuation plan for your home? How about having a “go bag”? Now’s a great time to be prepared.
  2. Walk around your property. But not in a way that makes your neighbors wonder if you’ve got cabin fever. Take a look around for potential safety hazards, make a checklist of projects to handle, or just stretch your legs. You never know what you might find.
  3. Check your PPE. Personal Protective Equipment is more than just a face mask. When you’re working on projects around your property, it’s important to have things like gloves, work shoes, and safety glasses. If you don’t have them, it may be a good idea to order some online. Do it for your loved ones!
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