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Pilot lights are a common feature in many gas appliances, such as furnaces, water heaters, and stoves. A pilot light is a small flame that burns continuously to ignite the main burner when the appliance is turned on.

While pilot lights are generally safe, they can pose a potential hazard if not properly maintained. A pilot light that is not functioning properly can release gas into the air, leading to a fire or explosion.

To prevent this from happening, it’s important to have your gas appliances inspected regularly by a licensed professional. They can check the pilot light to ensure that it is properly lit and functioning, and can also clean the appliance to remove any debris that may interfere with its operation.

If you notice that your pilot light is flickering or going out frequently, it’s important to have it inspected as soon as possible. This can be a sign of a larger problem with your gas appliance that needs to be addressed.

Overall, while pilot lights are a convenient feature in gas appliances, it’s important to take the necessary steps to ensure their safe operation to protect yourself and your home.

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